Feb. 2, 2012  By Gwendolyn H. Barry of A NEW GLOBAL MYTH ( and Jack Jodell of THE SATURDAY AFTERNOON POST (

We are continually buffeted ny a corporately-owned mainstream media which either tells us outright lies, fills us to the brim with worthless, gossip-filled celebrity NON-news, completely omits important bits of REAL news, or marginalizes it and puts its own pop-culture, corporate spin on it. Like a modern-day DIOGENES, we have justifiably become cynics in serach of an honest person (or, in this specific case, an honest MEDIA source). For if all we shine our lanterns on is a steady diet of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX “News”, we are bound to be disappointed and deprived. After all, they are thoroughly controlled and influenced by the 1%, and, in varying degrees, actually try to keep us UNinformed or MISinformed.

Thankfully, we have a number of sources we can usually rely upon for accurate reporting.Some are television sources; some are magazines; some are blogs; some are online news sources. ALL are worth a look or visit. They will help dispel any confusion or delusion you may have about what’s really happening around us. Wnenever possible, we have hyperlinked these sources for you below, so you will always be able to view them easily with only one click. WE ASK THAT YOU BOOKMARK THIS POST so you can always refer to it. We also ask that you copy and paste this post and send it to whomever you think will need or appreciate it. For TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE is power, and the only way we in the majority 99% can ever hope for victory in the battle against the lies of the 1% is to confront them with it as often as we can. This, of course, is by no means a complete list of factual sources. However, it is a good start. We encourage you to supply us with other reliable sources we may have overlooked in our comments section below. Please include hyperlinks if you can.

Thank you, readers, for sharing our dogged determination to persue truth in media. Below are the sites we recommend:

DEMOCRACY NOW! with Amy Goodman ( This may also be seen on LINK TV, channel 375 on DIRECTV or channel 9410 on Dish Network, as well as at

COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann. Available on CURRENT TV, channel 358 on DIRECTV, channel 196 on Dish Network, channel 107 on Comcast, channel 102 on Verizon Fios, channel 103 in NY and 143 in LA on Time Warner Cable, or try

THE NATION ( is a superb magazine featuring some of the best progressive writers around. Contributors include Kristina Vandenheuvel,  Chris Hayes, and Naomi Klein, among many others. This link leads you to their online version.

THOM HARTMANN ( is your online source for a man who often features news other sources often don’t have.

CROOKS AND LIARS ( is an outstanding digest of stories often ignored or underreported by the mainstream media.

POLITICS PLUS ( is another not-to-be-overlooked source for a wide range of political information.

MOTHER JONES ( is a great source for a wide variety of topical issues.

THE DAILY KOS ( reports on a number of items rarely covered by network TV news.

ALTER NET ( is a tremendous source of thought-provoking info gathered from a huge variety of sources and knowledgeable authors. This resource is definitely worth frequent visits!

BBC NEWS ( gives you a wealth of worldwide news from outside our country, and even provides us with an insight as to how events in the U.S. are perceived by the rest of the wotld.

AL JAZEERA ( does much the same as BBC News, but gives us a unique Middle East perspective. English language versions can also be heard daily on LINK TV.

GOOGLE ( is a much used, highly valuable search engine that can lead you to vast stores of knowledge found anywhere on the internet. Just go there, key in a term or phrase, and you will instantly receive literally thousands of choices to choose from for virtually anything you wish to find out.

CBC NEWS ( is THE site to go for comprehensive world and local news from our great neighbor to the north. You will find their coverage of events within the U.S., to be quite interesting and revealing.

THE GUARDIAN ( will give you world news and insights from the UK’s greatest progressive newspaper about stories rarely found in our own TV or newspapers.

OPEN SECRETS ( is a goodie which reveals exactly who, and how much they have contributed to, the officeholder or challenger of your choice.

RUSSIA TODAY (   offers unique news coverage, essentially an open and HONEST international coverage that is quickly becoming THE resource for several co-ordinate news services such as Young Turks, Countdown and Democracy Now. Apaer from regular news updates, yjis source offers valuable insights into Russian history, culture, and opinions.

THE REAL NEWS NETWORK ( provides us with great international coveragevia independent objective video  reporting of current events coupled with progressive / Left commentary.

RAW STORY ( gives aggregate online news with sensational / objective coverage.  They cover breaking news with an honest, progressive bent.

WIKILEAKS (  is an international online self-described not-for-profit organisation that publishes submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources, news leaks, and whistleblowers.   Vital resource in deep research or the breaking news they can be singularly responsible for.   They represent a ground breaking free press for the new age.

TRUTH OUT ( has ontemporary writers forming the Progressive push in the United States… Chris Hedges, Robert Riech, leading the way.  Truthout provides an independent platform for  in-depth investigative reporting and critical analysis, to reveal systemic injustice and offer transformative ideas to strengthen democracy. _

ROLLING STONE -POLITICS ( offers  edgy, accurate, politically corrective opinions via the Gonzo tradition!   Matt Taibbi, Tim Dickerson, David Browne….honest, competent coverage of what is really going on.

BUZZFLASH! ( BuzzFlash’s model of progressive journalism is truly unique.  They don’t just write about progressive change; they provide — through the BuzzFlash Progressive Market Place — a vehicle to create change.  (I’ll discuss our support of direct activism in a future blog, that is the kind of public demonstrations the Green Movement in Iran is engaging in). There is simply no other journalistic model we know of that helps create a new economy to advance progressive ideals and uses a small portion of those sales to finance progressive journalism!

GRIST ( Grist has been dishing out environmental news and commentary with a wry twist since 1999 — which, to be frank, was way before most people cared about such things. Now that green is in every headline and on every store shelf (bamboo hair gel, anyone?), Grist is the one site you can count on to help you make sense of it all.

OCCUPY WALL STREET ( Worldwide revolution!  Daily Action reports from all over the US and the globe.  Calender of Action events and coordinate Actions with sister / brother Occupy’s global.

OCCUPY TOGETHER (  American and international coverage of Actions / Events supporting the Occupy Movement.

MEDIA MATTERS (  News correct!  Watchdog news group reporting the lies and duplicity of the MSM.

PUNK PATRIOT ( espouses Life, Liberty and Less F*****Up Government.  The Punk does youtube, blogspot, twitter, tumbler and he brings up a new, edgy awareness of the day.  Original promoter for and GA member of OWS.  Commentary with intelligent insight and overview.ACRONYM TV (   Dennis Trainor Jr.!!!  Chronicling via video the worldwide revolution. (Formerly Opinionated, aggressive , and often funny, Acronym TV shines a seriously unserious, reverentially irreverent light on issues that are often ignored by the corporate media; issues of interest to the progressively-minded citizen of the world. ACRONYM, because you stand for something!

So…..Which Side Are You On?  If you are interested in hearing the objective truth, consult the links above.  They absolutely give a Progressive, Left leaning stance… they absolutely express just and equitable opinions concerning the vitality of a working economy, the health of environment and the social / political issues pressing us.  Use discernment with all ‘news sources’.  Establish a few you are compatible with and hear a more honest, non corporate motivated recount of the events of the day.  
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  1. Krell says:

    What a great idea to list a bunch of references to use as information sources. Be informed and use several sources for information!

  2. pollyannanot says:

    If you guys knew how to write you might have an Alexa ranking higher than #5, 365, 603. That’s painful but I know why after reading some of the ramblings at this place. Found it by accident and will lose it by design.

  3. pollyannanot says:

    P.S. I must apologize. One or two of you have some writing skills, but the majority do not. As to the Alexa rankings the lower the number the higher the score. Remember that and try to improve.

  4. Krell says:

    Couple of more site links….

    And pollyannanot… who the hell cares what our Alexa ranking is? I’m sure there are some trash sites that have really big scores.
    Perhaps you can stay over on those sites and bless THEM with your wit and concerns for scores.

  5. PENolan says:

    I would add Worldwide Hippies to the mix because Joe McEvoy is great at collecting information from a variety of independent sources and piling them together in a convenient place.

  6. Jack Jodell says:

    Thanks, David and PENolan!

  7. How did it get so green in here? Jealously from due north of Valdosta GA? Don’t you have HuffPo and other aggregate sites you should lifting the writing from?

    THANKS TO CONTRIBUTIONS OF ADDITIONAL RESOURCES! PLEASE KEEP ADDING ON! This post was Jack’s brainchild after conversation on HBM with Jim Joiner… “Average American Patriot” on Blogspot. All contributions of good sources are appreciated.

  8. Collin says:

    Very pleasantly surprised about DailyKos. You could all learn from them about keeping things in a sane perspective. The question is whether roundtree7 will show iteslf to be more than just a stepping-stone to DailyKos.

  9. PENolan says:

    Here’s another of my favorites:
    Dandelion Salad